Unite Play and Sculpture with PlayForm 7

Public art has long been an important part of most cities and communities across the U.S. It provides a gathering place and often tells a story about the uniqueness of a communities' rich history and commitment to the future. Public sculpture tends to be irresistible to children too! They find ways to climb, sit and interact with the sculpture art in new ways and with an openly creative mind.


Playworld Systems has united play with sculpture in the PlayForm 7. They've created a beautiful structure that is more than a playground- Playform 7 is a focal piece of art that is also designed to provide unlimited play value for children.


























Sharing, Growing, Learning & Exploring

Every child finds something new and exciting to do with the PlayForm 7. It is approachable from all angles and children will share and show other kids their own special ways of interacting with the sculpture-encouraging new games and social experiences. Adults and kids can sit, stand, climb, hide, balance, crawl under, or lay within the collection of spaces in an infinite number of ways.


Durable Time-Tested Materials

The equipment includes innovative materials, such as flex treads – a durable, slip-resistant material that encourages movement, improves climbing challenges and invites exploration. The structure is available with laminated bamboo panels, plastic sheet panels or  opaque Polycarbonate sheets.





















Encourage Independence and Creativity

Sometimes you just want something different for your playground. Perhaps you are looking for something taller, with more motion, or something that gets kids moving? Or maybe you'd like to spread kids out and get more equipment for your budget. No matter the situation we have some unique items for you.





Fantastic Independent Play Options - Net Climbers, Motion & Freestanding Climbers



Net Climbers

Net rope climbers are a blast.  Kids love them, Adults love them and they provide such a great look-out point once you climb to the top! We offer a multitude of net climbers from tiny to towering. We even offer models that spin like a merry-go-round, but better!


Electronic Play

Our NEOS Outdoor Electronic Playgrounds stand alone in the industry for all-ages, all-abilities fun that blends the excitement of video games with the aerobic rush of outdoor fun. Explore NEOS, and find out how your community can host the most innovative playground around. Fun for Adults too!


Freestanding Motion

From small spin cups to massive ziplines, motion is king for most kids! The soothing Cozy Cocoon offers a place to relax and the Cruiseline, featured in the slide above, allows teams of children to race and move their friends on a large disk.  Our new Unity line offers a Teeter Tunnel that expands the basic seesaw into a multi-person joyride!


Activo & Adventure Series

Activo and Adventures Series products are staples in our more active or older ages' parks. They bring together unique combinations of climbing, jumping, spinning, swinging and obstacle course play. Adventures series are completely modular and fun to put together with your specific list of needs or for odd shaped sites.


Additional Components

The classics are classics for good reason, and we carry many of the traditional playground items. Balance beams, chinning bars, overhead ladders and large climbing domes are all available to see in our catalogs.




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