DuMor is a proud U.S. manufacturer of  site furnishings, and was founded over 30 years ago based on the steadfast belief in providing the best quality product. This tradition of attention to quality along with DuMor's commitment to providing superior customer service continues today and makes DuMor one of the leading names in the site furnishings industry.


  • Attention to Detail and Quality
  • Superior Customer Service
  • Custom Solutions for any Project


In addition to its standard product line, one of DuMor’s strengths is the ability to design and produce custom pieces. Another strength is DuMor’s commitment to green manufacturing. The company uses the highest percentage of post consumer and post industrial content steel, the highest quality recycled plastic, and as much wood as possible from mills who harvest on a sustained yield basis.


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20 years of reliability and 60 years of experience rolled into something new


MyTCoat brings new and exciting technologies such as the MyTCoat coating system which is a proprietary formula unique only to MyTCoat. This unique coating is a result of years of research and development and is like nothing you’ve seen before.


MyTCoat is a product line like nothing in the market today. MyTCoat’s unique coating system produces the absolute most durable coating on any thermoplastic coated steel furniture. Unlike other coatings, MyTCoat has the highest adhesion rating you can obtain. Our signature coating exceeds other coatings such as plastisol and polyethylene in most if not all aspects. Like plastisol it has a thick coating with a 90% gloss shine and smooth surface, but without the drips and runs commonly found on plastisol coated products. The surface is non-porous which means it is impervious to stains, fungus, mold, mildew, dirt build-up, common acids, salts, and seawater.


  • Super Fast Lead Times
  • NO PVC's, Phalates, Plaztizers
  • UV and Fade Resistant
  • Unmatchable Durability



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Pedestrian-friendly tree grates and drainage solutions


  • Tree grate Up-Lighting
  • Tree Guards
  • Bollards
  • Site Amenities
  • Sole source for Patented Paver-Grate™ SUSPENDED PAVER SYSTEM


They have been making tree grates, trench grates and bollards under the IRONSMITH banner for over thirty years. In 1984 IRONSMITH was the first tree grate manufacturer to produce a 1/4" slot opening width tree grate. IRONSMITH developed the Starburst Series 1 and Series 2 in response to requests from Las Vegas hotels for a grate that would not trap ladies spike high heel shoes. Five years later the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed and IRONSMITH removed all grates with slots over 1/2" from our product line to promote improved safety for all pedestrians.


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Beautiful and durable site furnishings by Dumor
Ironsmith tree grates