KCDA is a public agency and is authorized to accept members from all states.  KCDA’s mission is to provide centralized procurement services to member school districts and public agencies that will save them time and money as well as comply with all legal procurement requirements. By ordering in volume and supporting their purchasing and distribution requirements, KCDA saves money for members

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Under Contract #315, KCDA members gain exclusive access to our extensive range of playground equipment, surfacing solutions, and site amenities. We're passionate about transforming outdoor spaces into safe, fun, and educational environments for children and communities. With KCDA it is easier than ever for educational institutions and government agencies to access our exceptional products.

At Northwest Playground Equipment Inc., we're committed to elevating outdoor recreational experiences. Our partnership with KCDA is a testament to this commitment. Together, we're dedicated to simplifying procurement, saving you money, and delivering top-tier quality.

Northwest Playground is proud to receive the KCDA Top Vendor award for the year 2022! We look forward to continuing  our successfull relationship with KCDA for the coming years.