Spray Parks + Water Features

There are few things like water that can capture the complete imagination of a child. Waterplay is our partner in water play and their aquatic experts can help design everything from feature placement to the type of system used to capture water. Our experts can help navigate your site conditions, local codes, and feature requirements to help ensure a successful park that is easy to operate for generations to come.

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Aquatic Innovations

Waterplay designs and manufactures play solutions for indoor and outdoor aquatic play spaces. Freestanding play features, playable fountains, elevated structures and water management solutions—we specialize in inclusive, high value, quality products that last. With aquatic play, water management, seating, shade, surfacing and toilet facility solutions, there’s no aquatic play project that Waterplay can’t handle.

Custom Theming

Have a specific theme in mind for your next spray park? Ww have a group of experts that can help to add hand crafted detail to everything from small ground sprayers all the way up to massive features. We’ve worked on projects with everything from an ultra-realistic sinking ship to a space shuttle ready to launch. If you have a dream we can help make it a reality!

Water Management 

Waterplay's water management solutions ensure safe and sustainable aquatic play spaces. With innovative filtration and treatment systems, they maintain water quality and hygiene. Their water recirculation systems minimize waste and conserve water, integrating seamlessly with play features and structures. Prioritizing safety, cleanliness, conservation, and sustainability, Waterplay enhances the aquatic play experience responsibly.

Foot Activator

This budget friendly activator makes it easy for Waterplayers to step into the action! Surface mounted and easy to trigger with the tap of a toe, the playPHASE™ Foot Activator is a perfect addition to any park looking to reduce water consumption through the use of on-demand activation.

Life Floor

A safety surfacing for splash pads and spray parks. Life Floor's products are engineered to be slip-resistant, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries in wet areas, where slips and falls can be common. Their flooring is designed with ergonomic properties, providing a comfortable and cushioned surface for bare feet.

How we support you during the Planning and Design Phase

Every project starts with a dream, and at Northwest Playground Equipment it's our calling to make that dream a reality.
Give us a call and let our expert Parks Consultants help be a resource to guide your project wherever you are in the process.


  • Site Visits - The first step of almost any project is arranging a site visit with our local Parks Consultants. During our first meeting we'll discuss the project goals, understand any site specific conditions, and develop a scope of work to get us started on putting together designs and budget estimates.
  • CAD + Renderings - After our initial site visit we'll take our understanding of your site and work with our in-house Designer to develop detailed CAD drawings and 3D renderings of initial concepts.
  • Fundraising Support - Are you looking to raise money for a project? At Northwest Playground Equipment we keep up to date on the pulse of national and local funding opportunities to help supplement your project project budgets.
  • And It's All Free! - Being a resource for park planning is a service we take pride in so much so that all of our front end planning efforts are a no-cost service that we provide to help make your project a success. It's as easy as giving us a call or e-mail to get started!

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From park benches to splash pads and everything in between, we represent the highest quality manufacturers in outdoor park amenities. 
  • Exclusive Products - Most of our lines are exclusive across our territories meaning we are your one stop shop for all your park amenities! 
  • Leading Manufacturers - We represent more than a dozen leading manufacturers who share our passion for building community through their park solutions. Our catalog of manufacturers is made up of manyof the leading experts in their respective fields, and includes coveted award winners of the GOOD DESIGN Award and the Red Dot Award.
  • Extraordinary Selection - Have an idea for an outdoor space but don't see an example on our website? We can help! Just give us a call to let our expert Park Consultants be a resource for helping to identify a solution to any problem.

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We can help take your project all the way through from design to construction with full installation for all of our park equipment amenities. It doesn't stop there, need additional site work completed as part of the project? Just ask and we can oversee as much or as little of the project as you need.
Full installation and site work services are also available through our many Cooperative Purchasing Contracts for all of our public-sector customers.
  • Certified Installation - Everything we install comes backed by our team of Certified Installers who ensure that each and every component is installed per Manucturer recommendations and we are compliant with all current safety standards. 
  • Site Work Management - Does you new Shelter need a concrete pad and walkway? Or would you like a vinyl-coated fence around your future play area? If you have a site work need associated with your park project let us know and we can help manage that portion of the project. Even available through our many Cooperative Purchasing Contracts!
  • On-Site Supervision - It's always great to get the community involved in a project, and if that's your goal we can help provide an experienced on-site Supervisor for the duration of a weekend volunteer build.

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Building Community Through Play isn't a short term mission, it means that each and every project we're a part of forms a relationship that lasts for the life of that park or amenity. 
Our Team is here to support you through it all!
  • Dedicated, Family-Run Business - We take pride in having a strong history as a local family owned and operated business since 1996. That history extends to each and every one of our customers who together become a part of the larger Northwest Playground Equipment family.
  • Replacement Parts and Service - We're here to support you in good times and bad, and understand that sometimes there's nothing more frustrating than a broken or vandalized piece of equipment. If you're having an equipment issue just contact your local Parks Consultant who can help identify a solution to get your park back up and running in no time.

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Our Partners

Safety Surfacing for Splash Pads

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Lion's Park Sprayground

Olympia, Washington

Splash park
“As a family-owned business in the Pacific Northwest, we take our mission seriously — building community through play.  We strive to be a resource for our customers through the entire lifecycle of a project, from design to construction and long-term support.”


Bob McGarvey, President

Lions Park Sprayground - Olympia, Washington

Windjammer Park - Oak Harbor, Washington

Haller Park - Arlington, Washington

Woodruff Park - Olympia, Washington

Kiwanis Park - Puyallup, Washington


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