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Life Floor: Surfacing for Splash Pads

Life Floor aquatic safety surfacing creates better experiences at aquatic facilities through safety and design. Since 2011, the Life Floor team has been dedicated to innovative design solutions, increased play value, and inclusivity at over 2,500 facilities globally.

Surfacing is the largest feature at any facility and has the potential to engage visitors in an immersive play environment. Life Floor's dedicated in-house Design Studio brings creative visions to life whether starting from scratch on new-builds or retrofitting existing facilities. From standard, pre-set Themes and Patterns to custom, unique graphics and logos, there is a solution for every facility.

Run, wheel, crawl, jump, tumble, and relax. Play possibilities are endless for all ages and abilities on Life Floor. Texture changes for non-visual signals, zones for different types of play, and surfaces engineered to reduce slip-and-falls are just some of the ways Life Floor improves accessibility on splash pads.



Life Floor offers unparalleled safety benefits to improve guest experience and lengthen the duration of stays. Life Floor is TÜV, IMO, ADA, and NSF/ANSI/CAN 50 Certified for slip-resistance, cushioning, cleanability, and more.

Contact us to see how you can include Life Floor surfacing into your spalsh park project!





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