NASPO provides the highest standard of excellence in public cooperative contracting. By leveraging the leadership and expertise of all states and the purchasing power of their public entities, NASPO delivers the highest valued, reliable and competitively sourced contracts - offering public entities outstanding prices.

Indoor & Outdoor Fitness Equipment (Category 2)

Discount Rate: 10%


With the NASPO contract we provide all sorts of fitness equipment, including a multi-use sports field, soccor goals, basketball hoops, and exercise equipment.

Manufacturers included: ExoFit, Bison, Scoremaster, Playworld, Agorespace

Outdoor Furniture (Category 3)

Discount Rate: 5%


Spice up your park with a bench or a table. Outdoor furniture is always a great add to any park, sit down and take in the view, or enjoy a nice picinic at the park!

Manufacturers included: Kay Park Recreation, DuMor, WaBash, MyTCoat

Park Site Furnishings (Category 4)

Discount Rate: 10%


Through NASPO, we are able to offer a variety of park site furnishings, including bike parking, drinking fountains, waste bins, benches and tables.

Manufacturers included: Sportworks, Kay Park Recreation, DuMor, WaBash, Ironsmith, MyTCoat

Safety Surfacing (Category 5)

Discount Rate: 6%


Through NASPO we offer mulitple different kinds of safety surfacing that will fit all your playground needs!

Manufacturers included: sofSurfaces, Forverlawn, Zeager, No Fault, Corkeen

Track & Field (Category 6)

Discount Rate: 6%


Synthetic grass is available through the NASPO contract.

Manufacturers included: Forverlawn

Shelters & Shade (Category 8)

Discount Rate: 5%


Need a shelter or shade for your park? We offer variety of sizes and materials through our partners.

Manufacturers included: Poligon, USAShade

Value Added Products & Services (Category 11)


Category Number


Discount Rate


2 Indoor & Outdoor Fitness Equipment 10% ExoFit, Bison, Scoremaster, Playworld, Agorespace
3 Outdoor Furniture 5% Kay Park Recreation, DuMor, WaBash, MyTCoat
4 Park Site Furnishings 10% Sportworks, Kay Park Recreation, DuMor, WaBash, Ironsmith, MyTCoat
5 Safety Surfacing 6% sofSurfaces, Foreverlawn, Zeager, No Fault, Flex Ground, Corkeen
6 Track & Field 6% Foreverlawn, Shawgrass, Greenfields
8 Shelters & Shade 5% Poligon, USAShade
11 Value Added Products & Services Award  






Lead by the State of Oregon

Master Agreement No: PO 10700-00015852

Participating States: STATE OF OREGON, STATE OF WASHINGTON, STATE OF HAWAII, STATE OF ALASKA & STATE OF MONTANA, acting by and through the Department of Administrative Services, Procurement Services (“DAS PA”)

Participation: This NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement may be used by all state agencies, institutions of higher education, political subdivisions and other entities authorized to use statewide contracts in the State of Oregon (“Authorized Purchasers”).

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